[LIVE Webinar] – Unlock Advanced Security with Bitdefender ATS & EDR for MSPs

AV or endpoint protection is not enough to stop new ransomware, 0-day exploits, or fileless attacks.

Bitdefender MSP Security lets Managed Service Providers (MSPs) stop these threats more effectively thanks to the extensive set of hardening, prevention, and detection layers, and the machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected over more than 10 years.

Effective automated prevention of advanced attacks is essential to avoid potential data breaches and reduce the need for manual incident investigation. Technologies such as HyperDetect, Fileless Attack Defense and Sandbox Analyzer, available with the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security (ATS) add-on product, are designed specifically to uncover elusive threats and stop them before they can execute and cause harm.

For organizations whose existing endpoint security doesn’t provide the advanced attack visibility and response required, adding Bitdefender EDR is a quick and effective way to strengthen security. Upgrading to use EDR with Bitdefender hardening and next-gen AV is recommended to automatically stop most threats before execution, minimize data breach risks, and streamline security management.

Join our webinar with Bitdefender to see how you can unlock advanced security with Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security and Endpoint Detection and Response add-ons!

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