Webinar series

We are pleased to invite you to our webinar series*. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to each of the brands we distribute.
*If you are unable to attend one of the webinars, please register and you will receive the recording by email.

21 September – 14 :00 

Backup solution for Microsoft 365, endpoint, servers, Google Workspace,…

28 September – 14 :00 

Password manager with centralized console for MSPs

5 October – 14 :00 

The Phished platform automates cybersecurity awareness training using a holistic approach.

12 October – 14 :00 

ISL Online is a secure and reliable remote desktop application that lets you support your customers or access unattended computers.

19 October – 14 :00 

The combination of “Zero Trust” and Jimber’s isolation technology secures your customers against cyber attacks.

09 November – 14 :00 

As the world leader in cybersecurity, Bitdefender provides companies with cybersecurity solutions recognized for their effectiveness, performance and ease of use.

16 November – 14 :00 

RG System is designed to make life easier for IT professionals by centralising RMM, Backup Files and Data, Microsoft 365 Backup, Antivirus and Remote Control solutions in a single console

16 November – 14 :00 

ArcTitan : Email archiving solution that is Office 365 integrated and automated with lightening fast email search speeds, easy to set-up and cost friendly deployments. Our email archiving solution stores an email copy in the email archive turning that data into a repository for daily use. All business-critical data sent or received using email is securely stored and easily retrievable in ArcTitan. Your email data is always available, replicated and secure. Meet all your business compliance requirements and address archiving requests easily

16 November – 14 :00 

WebTitan : DNS filtering and DNS security solution providing AI driven threat protection and advanced web content controls. DNS Filtering is one of the best ways to protect your users against online threats such as phishing and malware.

30 November – 14 :00 

Email security blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. SpamTitan email protection solutions provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business. Microsoft 365 friendly

07 December – 14 :00 

Billit is an online invoicing platform for contractors and accountants.
The contractor platform supports contractors throughout the entire invoicing process, from drawing up a quotation to sending the invoice by e-mail, post or even completely digitally via the Peppol network.
Thanks to the link with the bank, Billit automates time-consuming administrative processes, saving you valuable time.

14 December – 14 :00 

Teamleader Focus is CRM and business management software for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
It lets you sell, invoice and organize your work in a single tool.

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