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Why do we recommend it ?

We have been using Teamleader internally for many years because it is a complete and customizable Belgian CRM designed for SMEs. One of the biggest strengths of Teamleader are the integrations with more than 200 Belgian and European applications.

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Key features

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Manage customers

With Teamleader’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management), all your customer and contact information is centralised in one place. Addresses, appointments, communication history, etc. Easy to access, both for you and your colleagues.

Easily add contacts

You fill in a VAT number, we do the rest. Teamleader automatically retrieves and fills in the company data.

Track your communications with every customer.

Get to really know your customers: link your Gmail or Outlook account and stay up-to-date with everything.

Tailored to your needs.

Save additional information that is crucial for how you work using custom fields. Documents, photos and files are just as easily saved.

Appointments, tasks and phone calls in one shared calendar.

Use a handy calendar to organise your work. Schedule tasks, appointments and phone calls for yourself and your colleagues. Share your calendar to keep track of each other’s schedule.

The right answer to every question.

Customers’ email enquiries are managed in a central inbox with ticketing. Every incoming email receives an automatic reply, so people know they’re being helped. Transparent, fast and efficient

Drawing up quotations

Never accidentally miss out on a sale again: with Teamleader you can keep tabs on every sales lead. Draw up professional quotations and have them signed online. Sell more, faster.

A transparent sales process.

The Pipeline overview helps you sell more easily. Use the smart filters to save an overview. Display open, won or lost sales opportunities and filter sales by manager or team.

Forecast your revenue.

Based on the expected decision date and success rate of your sales opportunities, Teamleader forecasts your revenue per quarter or month. Accurately and realistically.

Automate your sales process.

Do you want to sell better? Automate your sales process. If an opportunity moves to the next stage, Teamleader tells you what action to take.

Quotations in your own house style.

Draw up persuasive quotations in your own house style, featuring your own logo. You can also use this style for other documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes or order confirmations. Add various layouts, and even your general terms and conditions.

Have customers sign quotations online.

Send a quotation for approval and receive a notification when the customer opens the quotation, gives feedback or has signed it online. You can now convert your quotation to an invoice with just one click.

Manage projects

Convert a quotation into a project and then follow it up closely. Define deadlines, group tasks and deliver the project on time. Stay within the allocated budget without losing sight of your profit margin, thanks to crystal-clear project figures.

Easily create new projects.

Creating and managing projects with Teamleader is an incredibly flexible process. Start from your quotation, from a project template you created yourself, or from scratch. Easy.

Set deadlines and group tasks.

Schedule the work that you’ll be doing on your project and divide it into phases, tasks and agreements. Receive notifications about deadlines, completed tasks or messages from colleagues who are also working on the project.

Stay within budget.

Simple colours predict whether you will stay within your budget, for the entire project or for a specific phase. How many materials, hours and euros have already been used up? Delve deeper into the details, so you can intervene on time and work transparently with customers, employees or managers.

Keep an eye on your profit margin.

You can view the turnover, profit and costs of a project at a glance in Teamleader. Your estimates will become more accurate, driving your profit. Moreover, you will learn to recognise winning projects in order to make better decisions in the future.

Make internal and external reports.

Generate clear project reports whenever you want, for projects as a whole or for a particular group of tasks. These reports include budgets, the details of each time registration, external costs and all invoicing information.

Invoice from your project.

You can invoice directly from a project and even create an invoice for every completed phase. This can be done at a fixed price that was agreed in advance, but can also be calculated based on time and materials. It’s entirely up to you.

Track time

With Teamleader you keep track of your time easily and accurately, for correct invoices and clear reports. You can even track your time while working, using the Time Tracker. Afterwards you can zoom in on the billable time per client or project.

Time registration for each task or meeting.

Track time spent on all your tasks, appointments and phone calls, and link them to the right project or customer.

Accurate registration with the Time Tracker.

You can start and stop our Time Tracker with just one click. You can use it on your PC and on your mobile phone, for new and previously created tasks. So you have an accurate overview of your daily time registrations every day.

Clear reports.

Gain an insight into your team’s performance, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, using statistics. You can generate numerous different reports: general, per client or per project.

Time registration per project.

The project page lists all the time registrations for a specific project. You can filter by date, user and work type. Where did your time go? What could you have done more efficiently?

Billable time per customer.

Check any as yet unbilled time and select what you want to add to your invoice. Set different hourly rates for every task type or employee – or set a fixed hourly rate. It’s entirely up to you!

Receive payments

Thanks to Teamleader, you are paid on time and correctly. You have access to correct payment statuses anytime and anywhere, can set automatic reminders for late payers and have customers pay online.

Different payment terms.

Choose a standard due date for your invoices or set your own payment dates depending on the number of days of your choice.

Correct payment statuses.

Check the payment status of all your invoices on your PC or mobile phone in one central overview. Synchronise payment statuses with accounting software or a payment service so you always see the correct status.

Payment reminders.

Send payment reminders to late payers manually or automatically. Charge late payment interest or reminder costs where applicable. Send reminders by regular mail with a registered letter.

Invoice cloud.

Discover Invoicecloud: this is where the customer can check the status of all his or her current and previous invoices.

Online payment options.

Link Teamleader with the Mollie or Stripe payment platforms, so your customers can pay online with iDEAL, Bancontact, PayPal or any other major payment method.

Other software integrates perfectly with Teamleader.

No more cutting and pasting: Teamleader is compatible with 200+ apps and programs that your company is probably already using.

Accounting software you can sync with Teamleader

Synchronise Teamleader with software such as Octopus, Exact Online, Yuki, Sage, Winbooks on Web, Clearfacts or Billit.

Accounting software you can export to

Export invoices to Kluwer, Sage or Admisol, for example.

A great calendar

Your calendar is always up to date. So you’ll never miss an appointment or deadline again.

Add sales opportunities

Don’t let a single opportunity pass you by. Data entered by potential customers on your website are automatically added

Connect your webshop

Use these e-commerce integrations to connect your webshop with your Teamleader account.


Dashboard integrations allow you to display data in a completely new way. Such as graphs, tables or locations.

Manage files

Link your Teamleader account with online storage services such as Dropbox and synchronise your files in both directions.


Link your Teamleader account with online payment software and have your customers pay their invoices online.

Time tracking

Do you have specific needs? Check these time tracking integrations. Perfect for teams or mobile employees.

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