RG System

RG System, an all-in-one IT management solution.

RG System offers a unified interface that gathers essential features of IT management, enabling MSP’s to easily and efficiently orchestrate and manage the IT infrastructures of their customers





Distributed since 2016

Why we recommend it ?

We have been working with RG System for more than 12 years and we have been seduced both by the product and by their communicative enthusiasm.

RG System is a simple, effective and intuitive tool that brings together all the tools needed by a system administrator who has limited human resources.

RG System works in Agile method, new features and bug fixes are pushed into the dashboard every two weeks.

Key features

Remote Monitoring & Management

RG System embeds every single Remote Monitoring & Management features you need on a unified interface! Alerting, ticketing, remote control, software inventory, automation etc. You hold all the cards to monitor and manage efficiently your customers IT infrastructures!

Assist, Remote control for IT professionals

Integrated into your Dashboard, Assist ensures ultra-fast connection to remote devices without any prior installation! You simply make a request and instantly obtain the consent of the user of the station and take control.

Moreover, with Assist, RG System offers you a simple and intuitive solution that focuses on the essentials in order to save time and costs thanks to real usage-based billing, month after month.

The functionality and features of the Assist remote control solution :

Data Backup & restore

Fully integrated into the RG System solution, the RG Backup module allows you to manage the backup and restore of your customers’ data.

With Dell EMC’s Avamar embedded technology, your customers are assured to benefit from a reliable and secure solution.

Simplify and automate the backup and recovery of your data

RG Backup allows you to make a backup :


With Dell EMC’s patented global deduplication technology embedded in the RG System solution, you never back up the same data twice. A full backup is first performed and then an incremental backup is performed that only backs up blocks of files that have changed since the last backup. The backup time is also considerably reduced, as is the volume of outsourced data and thus the use of network bandwidth.

Benefit from an optimal level of security

Before being backed up by RG System, the data is compressed and encrypted via the FIPS140-2 protocol to guarantee a maximum level of security. The datacenters in which the data is hosted comply with the best practices of the Third Party III. And if a backup job is not performed as planned, RG System alerts you in real time and 24/7 so that you can implement the necessary corrective actions! Thanks to these elements, RG System prepares you an efficient DRP, allowing you to quickly restore lost data, thus considerably reducing the disastrous consequences of the business disruption.

Endpoint Security

With the centralized RG System interface, you secure massively in one click the workstations and servers of the managed parks with Bitdefender GravityZone.

Protect your infrastructure with one of the market leaders

The endpoint security module continuously defends the supervised environments against all forms of intrusion: viruses, phishing, cryptolockers, ransomwares etc. In addition to the renowned Bitdefender® antivirus, the #1 antivirus protection, you benefit from a powerful firewall and a configurable web content controller. With one click you can deploy the security agent on your entire fleet and protect your infrastructure from any malicious attack.

Be alerted and inform

You receive real-time 24/7 alerts by email and/or SMS if a virus is detected and placed in quarantine by RG System. The activity reports then provide a global view of the status of the monitored parks from an antiviral point of view, and thus allow you to communicate on the quality of the protection work performed.

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