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Why work with FieldTrust ?

A limited number of vendors

It may seem surprising to want to limit the number of vendors, but it is the key to our success.

As a true value added distributor, FieldTrust is anything but a “Box mover”. It is exactly due to the limited number of brands, we learned to master the products we promote and we have been able to build very close relationships with our vendors.

An adapted and fast commercial and technical approach

Each partner and each end user is unique and deserves a personalised treatment. At FieldTrust, we treat each request as a specific project in order to provide the most appropriate response.

We are recognized by our partners for our exceptional reactivity.

Innovative solutions

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative products on the market.

To receive our seal of acceptance a new product first has to meet our criteria. Next it undergoes a battery of technical tests and finally a commercial negotiation allowing us to offer you a technically approved, ready-to-use solution that you can easily be implemented in your business.

At FieldTrust we make sure all requirements for an MSP and user friendly product are met before presenting it to our network.

Let's work together

We don’t believe in classic customer-supplier relationships. For us, a reseller is a partner to which our commitment is undeniable.  Our flexibility and agility puts us in pole position to answer faster and more accurate than any to make sure our reseller partners get the single best service out there.


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and get access to these benefits:


We offer you all the commercial and/or technical information needed to make your offers to your customers and close every deal.  We can support you during visits, customer seminars, workshops, trade shows,…

We conduct POCs in collaboration with the vendor, help you with trial installations and configurations, so you can present solid cases to your end users without any unanswered questions left.


FieldTrust also stands for knowledge and understanding. Together with the experts of the solution, our dedicated and certified team delivers a transfer of customised skills in a personal training program enabling you to realise your current and future projects.


FieldTrust provides an integrated service to assist its reseller partners in the implementation of solutions for their customers and in their project development.

Benefit from a personalised remote or on premise assistance for the installation and configuration of products distributed by FieldTrust.


Certified on the technologies in our portfolio, our people can accompany you for complex integration missions.

FieldTrust’s technical support can be reached by phone and email to ensure a link between reseller partners and publishers. As a true intermediary, our goal is to improve exchanges, to bring fast resolutions and to escalate blocked tickets via our privileged


In order to support your marketing activities, we have designed a platform called “My FieldTrust” on which you can download marketing kits, data sheets and other resources.

For specific campaigns, online or physical events, Marketing Development Funds (MDF), goodies, co-branded marketing are available, in cooperation with our vendors.

In addition, the leads we receive are always distributed to our reseller partners. This allows you to feed your customer base.


We regularly organise webinars exclusively for FieldTrust resellers-partners.

These technical-sales webinars serve as an ongoing training keeping you informed and up-to-date at all times.

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