The top 6 data protection myths

Myth 1

You can’t make more than 50% margin selling data backup solutions.

Think again! Given the profitability of traditional backup models, you need to ensure cloud-based backup solutions deliver high margins too. The good news? They do!

With Redstor’s solution, you can not only turbo-charge your income but also improve customer stickiness with margin-rich repeatable revenue. Our powerful, revenue-generating platform provides a huge opportunity for MSPs: an aggressively priced offering proven to increase margins by up to 80%. And with predictable pricing, your revenue scales along with your customers’ cloud use.

“The channel market for cloud will be one of the most important avenues for growth with most money spent on cloud services paid to channel partners rather than directly to service providers – 451 research” 

Myth 2

My customers’ M365 data is protected by Microsoft.

Spoiler alert, it isn’t. Organisations lose cloud data every day and sadly many businesses are under the (false) impression that comprehensive back-up is built into M365. But Microsoft only offers very limited protection and none at all for recovery from user errors such as accidental deletion.

Native M365 data protection isn’t enough, but you can easily plug the gap with Redstor’s M365 backup offering. It’s available through an intuitive web interface so you can quickly and confidently back up data, directly from Microsoft’s cloud.

“Half of organisations have suffered an unrecoverable data event within the past three years. Leaving M365 out of an enterprise’s unified data protection and IT management strategy is risky – Archana Venkatraman, Research Manager, IDC”

Myth 3

On-premise backup is ransomware-proof.

Not necessarily! Criminal methods are now more complex and sophisticated than ever before, and even backups aren’t safe from encryption. The NCSC reports it has seen numerous incidents where ransomware has not only encrypted the original data on-disk, but also the connected USB and network storage drives holding data backups.

But fortunately, there is a better way to recover data and that’s with offsite, isolated backup. This ensures that at any given time, one copy of the data is offline (disconnected) and cannot be accessed. Stealth-like attacks may penetrate your on-prem backup, but you can now easily bolster your resilience with air-gapped solutions. What’s more, Redstor’s malware detection technology utilises AI to detect and remove threats from within backup data, further helping to ensure malware-free recoveries.

“The most common method for creating resilient data backups is to follow the ’3-2-1’ rule; at least 3 copies, on 2 devices, and 1 offsite – NCSC”

Myth 4

Protecting customer data takes time and resources.

But that was before cloud-based backup. Sinking time and effort into on-site deployment is a thing of the past. Cloud solutions are both quick and easy to deploy. Redstor’s backup for example can be set up in less than 15 minutes. Yup, that’s under a quarter of an hour! 

Cloud-based data management for MSPs means you don’t need to buy, install, manage or maintain appliances. So that means no more manual restores or site visits, plus you can service your customers from anywhere, on any device at any time – through a single, web-based control centre.

“Now’s the time to revisit your remote technology strategy to maximize productivity, focusing on connectivity, collaboration, information access, and security – Andrew Hewitt, Forrester”

Myth 5

I have to recover all of my customers’ data before they can be operational again.

Not anymore! In today’s ‘Netflix-style’ world it’s understandable that customers expect data to be instantly, and constantly, available. And with intelligent recovery prioritisation technology, such as Redstor’s InstantData™, you can make this happen.

The next-generation technology slashes recovery times and streams restores in real-time. Using user-driven recovery methods, customers can access and work on priority data while the rest recovers in the background.

“The stakes are often higher than many leaders realise. A bank lost $10 million in revenue plus associated penalties when its outage stretched over multiple days – McKinsey Digital”

Myth 6

Onboarding a new vendor technology is a time-consuming, costly headache.

False! Getting up and running with automated, cloud-based data management couldn’t be easier. Redstor’s platform offers simple, transparent pricing and can be deployed in minutes.

Plus, the sales and marketing teams are all geared for smooth onboarding to make it as painless as possible. You get strategic marketing support every step of the way (think co-branded material, prospect profiling, outreach templates) and full sales support from full technical training to competitor battlecards and demos.

“Companies are seeking partners that can help them evolve at a time when the ability to adapt with speed is of the utmost importance. This necessitates full capabilities, from advisory through operations – Forrester”

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