ISL Online win a Red Dot Award for Interface and User Experience Design

We are excited to share the news that ISL Online remote desktop software has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design in the Interface and User Experience Design category. This is like winning an Oscar in the world of design!

Designing a good UX is a very difficult and complex task and requires great effort from the whole team. We receive a lot of very positive feedback from users for the ease of use, which is high praise for us. The Red Dot Award finally crowned our efforts with an international seal of quality for good design. So, what does it take to earn a Red Dot award as a remote desktop software provider?

Red Dot: celebrating excellent design

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions with over 20,000 entries from more than 70 countries. In over 25 years, the Red Dot award has become an internationally recognised seal of design excellence. The award winners are selected by expert juries in the fields of product design, communication design and design concepts.

This year’s winners are honored and presented in the online exhibition, while the annual Brands & Communication Design 2021/22 yearbook will be published in December.

The winning remote desktop software ISL Online lets you control a remote computer or mobile device from anywhere.

ISL Online: designed for everyone

ISL Online provides reliable remote desktop software that lets you remotely support and manage computers and mobile devices, or access unattended computers from anywhere. ISL Online remote desktop software is used in all industries around the world, so it must be designed for every type of user. We strive to provide our users with a modern and aesthetically pleasing remote desktop tool that they can master in a day.

“The app can have great features, but if it is not easy to use and visually well structured, users will have trouble dealing with it and they will gradually stop using it,” explains Damjan Mrkun, Design Manager at ISL Online.

While we try to keep the app simple (which is actually very difficult), we stick to some important principles for an efficient user interface design:

1. Visibility

In order for users to achieve their goal, we need to provide them with a clear user interface or web console that is easy to navigate. We need to identify the elements that our users need most to support their customers remotely.

This year’s winners are honored and presented in the online exhibition, while the annual Brands & Communication Design 2021/22 yearbook will be published in December.

ISL Light provides you with the most important remote desktop functions that you can access instantly via the dashboard.

2. Consistency

Users use the remote desktop software on different devices, on different OS, some use the desktop application while others log in through a web portal. We need to make sure that all the repetitive elements of the design remain the same: colour, typography, function or location. This builds trust and makes users feel in control of their experience.

3. Learnability

Remote desktop software needs to be easy to use, and the interface design plays an essential role in ensuring that users master the software quickly and easily, basically without training. Continuous feedback from our customers proves that ISL Online is very user-friendly, which has earned us the “Best Ease of Use” award from Gartner Digital Markets several times in the past.

4. Feedback

Let us close with probably the most important of these principles: feedback. Feedback from our users, whether positive or negative, is very important to us. Our ultimate goal is to provide them with what they need in a way that they feel comfortable with. Over the years, we have changed the user interface of ISL Online with the help of extensive customer feedback. Of course, this is an ongoing process, so please feel free to write a review here. We appreciate and read every review, your feedback helps us design the winning remote desktop software.

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